The Bradley Smoker in Stainless Steel

There was a demand from commercial caterers and others for the original Bradley Smoker to be fabricated in stainless steel. But it looks fabulous in any cooking environment.

The Bradley Smoker in Stainless steel is sold as a complete unit consisting of the cabinet plus the accompanying smoke generator. Apart from the stainless steel finish, the stainless steel model is identical to the Original Bradley Smoker.

Why Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is an eye catching material that has become increasingly fashionable over the last decade. Growing interest in interiors, cooking and healthy eating have all had a positive impact on the popularity of stainless steel products in the home.

The beauty of this metal is that it ages gracefully. It doesnít chip, crack, fade or rust and it actually works miracles Ė so when you scratch the surface the natural protective layer will reform. This makes it a hygienic choice too. Stainless steel is easy to look after. The only daily maintenance required is a quick rinse.

The secret to a really sparkling finish is to wipe dry. And donít forget stainless steel is an environmentally friendly choice because itís 100% recyclable.


Our Price: £400




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