Beulah Fly Rods:  

Switch  Series Fly Rods

The most versatile rods on the planet. Can be used with one hand or two. High stick, Double haul, roll cast, single and double hand spey, and send the line zinging through the air well over 100 feet with a simple two hand over head cast. The rods are very light, boat friendly and an alternative to two handed spey rods. The ultimate rod for most fresh water and coastal fishing situations. Each rod is 10'6", 4pc construction from a blend of IM8 graphite that positions the fibers to maximize the strength in each section of the rod. Each rod comes with a rod sock and cordura carrying case. How would it feel to out cast your buddy who has a 13-15 stick!




Our  Price

10'6" 4/5 4 219
10'6" 5/6 4 220
10'6" 6/7 4 225
10'6" 7/8 4 230
10'6" 8/9 4 239
10'6" 9/10 4 244
10'6" 10/11 4 249

Free Guide Series Fly Line with every Guide Series Rod Sold Worth 28.





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