Bruce & Walker: Fly Reels 

After many years in development and extensive testing, Bruce & Walker are proud to bring out a superb new range of reels for 2008. 


K Series Salmon Reels from Bruce & Walker. 

We wanted to combine all the practical elements necessary, but  to do so with elegance and finesse – and within a specific price range.  After years of trials and testing a variety reels; discussing the specific requirements and wishes of fishermen with Scottish ghillies; and exhaustive prototype testing; finally the wish list is fulfilled. 

There are three reels in the range.  The skeleton cage has a unique design in a gunmetal finish.  This Series of reels is large capacity, lightweight medium arbour, disc drag system.  Each reel comes in a practical, yet elegant, faux leather zip up reel case in matching gunmetal and gold lettering, with protective inner lining.  Each spare spool arrives in a cloth pouch with gold lettering. 

K1 Reel £229
K2 Reel £219
K3 Reel £215
K1 Spool £127
K2 Spool £123
K3 Spool £118
    K1 #10-12 30 lb backing #10 425 yds #11  400 yds #12   375 yds
    K2 #9-11 30 lb backing #9   350 yds #10  325 yds #11   300 yds
    K3 #7-9 20 lb backing #7   300 yds #8    275 yds #9     250 yds

NB:   Yardage is only approximate, according to manufacturer’s line. 

Prices include P&P to the UK mainland. 




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