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Beulah Philosophy
Beulah is on a mission to outfit our customer with a product line that is equivalent to or better than the best fly rods on the market at a price the avid angler can afford. On the water this will translate into better presentations, longer casts and quicker hook-ups, while minimizing customer fatigue. To accomplish this goal we use a "keep-it-simple" philosophy by maximizing the quality and design of the product, which allows us to minimize the number of rod models offered.

Constantly Improving
At Beulah every product we make is the best we have the ability to manufacture, and that is why our product is constantly evolving.

If there is any other product that we would rather use than our own, then we head back to the drawing board. The satisfaction for us comes when a customer leaves a garage full of $ 500 - $ 750 rods, to use a Beulah because they are more satisfying to fish.

High Quality Materials
By narrowing down our product offering and sticking to the best materials available we have become specialists in the materials chosen, which helps to minimize product failure, and maximize customer satisfaction. We start out with high modules IM8 graphite that is sourced from Japan, rolled into a continuous taper and finished off with titanium guides and the highest grade of Portuguese cork. We chose three piece construction to maximize the strength, minimize the weight and to make the rod easily stowable under the center seat of most drift boats. And just in case our clients slips and does the unspeakable, we added a second tip.

Maximizing Fun
While you may be ego driven and just want to out-cast your buddies, like the feel of using the highest performance equipment or receive satisfaction from purchasing the product that offers the very best value, Beulah can accommodate you. Every rod is designed to maximize the fishing experience for a particular weight and every rod is designed to maximize the fun of fishing. Welcome to Beulah.
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