Bromanodell Fly Rods:  

World Series rods are produced using state of the art production processes, the very best blanks available, top quality components and extensive quality control together with probably the best know-how in the business.


BROMANoDELL produce their rods differently - offering light-weight long casting rods with a deep mid-section action to give tremendous power when it comes to fighting and landing fish.

Today more and more anglers and fly fishermen are travelling further and further afield to enjoy their sport. This would have been easy a few years ago but air travel has become a nightmare of security and potentially lost luggage.

With this in mind, BROMANoDELL set about designing the kind of rods you need when expedition fishing; powerful to fish, yet light enough to travel and small enough to fit into an ordinary suitcase or fishing hand luggage. All World Travel Series Rods are delivered in a cloth bag and tailored blue rod tube
They have produced both fly and spinning rods that offer great value for money and easily out-perform rods of twice their price!

World Series Fly Rods:

Deep shiny dark royal blue blanks. Silver trimmed windings in the same colour as the blanks. Epoxy coating.

Lightweight T-ring SIC stripper guides and stainless lightweight one-legged guides, gunsmoke aluminium or stabilized wooden/gunsmoke reel seats, perfectly shaped cork grips on the fly rods.

Quite deep but extremely powerful actions with half-spigot ferrules give the best of feeling and performance in a never before experienced combination.

Each World Series Travel rod is delivered with a dark blue cloth bag in a dark blue cordura rod tube.

- Fly Rods (5-piece) 9ft #5/6 and 9ft 3 #7/8 for most river and lake applications with the powerful 9ft #9/10 and 9ft 3 #11/12 to throw big flies and are capable of landing big fish.

- Top quality Portuguese AAA-grade cork handles with gun metal hard aluminum fittings and a high-tech blue anodized spacer complimenting the deep blue blanks

- Lightweight T-Ring SIC guides titanium treated to withstand tough use and braided lines rings for improved action and reduced weight with a low profile

- Top quality cork and EVA handles with Fuji-style reel seats compliment the deep blue blank. Blue Water Trolling comes with a harness butt section

World Series 9ft Fly Rod 9ft 6in Fly Rod 9ft 3in Saltwater 9ft Bluewater
Our Pirce 178.00 188.00 199.60 215.00
Line Weight #5/6 #7/8 #9/10 #11/12
Pieces 5 5 5 5




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