Shilton Fly Reels:


A stunning new range of fly reels from South Africa.


These South African manufactured Shilton Reels have certainly made an impression on the fly fishing industry and are proving to be in a class of their own.

These anodised black or titanium finish, precision machined master pieces are being put to the test by the most passionate and discerning fly fisherman, whether fighting a Yellowfish on the Vaal or landing a 60 kg Black Tip Reef Shark off the coast of Mozambique.  We are receiving phenomenal feedback on a regular basis, which adds further excitement to this fantastic reel.


The best news of all is the fact that these reels are still affordable and compare very favorably with the top brands of reels worldwide.





Shilton SL Series Fly Reels


Shilton CL Series Fly Reels


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