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William Joseph Coastal Vest

We have all heard the old adage "You've got to have the right tool for the job". Well the Coastal is the Mac Daddy of all fishing tools. The Coastal offers enough real estate to carry all that you need, and then some. The backpack can easily carry a 100oz hydration bladder, snacks, a light rain jacket, and a few other small items that you might need. The two front workstations can easily handle the rest of your supplies. One of the workstations has our tippet control system, which will hold up to five spools of tippet. In the front you've got enough pockets for nippers, hemos, sunglasses, a camera, and certainly loads of space for even the big fly boxes! However, even with all of that, we still have to say that the real feature of this pack is how is carries. It's got a lower center of gravity which distributes the weight over the torso, not the shoulders and back. So at the end of a long casting day the only thing that is tired are the fish (of being caught, that is).


  • Hydration capabilities (bladder sold separately, the 100oz fits best)
  • Multiple toll holsters
  • Easy access workstations
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Areospace breathable backing
  • Tippet control system
  • Weighs in at 2.5lbs

Our Price: £99 Inc P&P.




William Joseph Chest Gear Bag

So you've seen chest packs before, eh? Wonder if it was the same 'brick on a strap' that motivated us to make our own version... Well, anyway, we thought it could be done better, so we started by adding a feature that had never been tried before - Comfort. The rest just sort of fell into place. There is literally a spot for everything except line snags): pliers, hemos, hydration, tippet, you name it - As with all of our products, we realize that people come in all shapes and sizes, so the gear bag chest comes with our adjustable harness system, guaranteeing you a perfect fit. So call your chiropractor and tell him you won't be needing his services anymore - you just bought a William-Joseph.


  • Hydration capabilities (bladder sold separately, the 35oz fits best)
  • Aerospace breathable backing
  • Adjustable cam buckle sizing
  • Mega-heliport workstation
  • New Tippet Control System (TCS)

Weighs in at 1.5lbs  


Our Price: £79 Inc P&P.



William Joseph Flats Lite Chest Bag

In a recent survey we found that four out of five fish preferred biting real bugs over those with hooks in them. Which brought us to the conclusion that a good presentation can certainly help when wooing the "big ones." That's where the Flats Light comes in handy - it will let you take all the tools of the trade. Just as importantly, however, it will show that you know what not to take. And what about when the water gets just a bit deeper? No worries, this bad boy raises the bar by splitting in half, allowing you to carry it on any extremity you choose. So if we lay it on the line (so to speak) the Flats Light gives you a breathable fanny pack, a comfortable, multi-pocketed chest pack, and a handy little bottle to carry any liquid you see fit.


  • Modular pack system (organize it anyway you want)
  • Easy access workstation
  • Multiple tool holders
  • Modular 22oz water bottle system
  • Detachable chest pack
  • New Tippet Control System (TCS)

Weighs in at 2lbs


Our Price: £64 Inc P&P.




William Joseph BFD Travel Bag

Don’t roll your eyes at us, this is not just another travel bag. This is one Bad Ass piece of equipment. Were talking the kind of bag Brando would've chosen if he fly fished, the kind of bag Peter Fonda would've towed behind his bike in Easy Rider. Yeah, thats right, a Hell on wheels kind of bag. As a matter of fact we will put this bag in the ring any day with those other Sissy, French speaking travel bags. Its 11,000 cubic inches of testosterone, all wrapped in enough webbing and zippers to make even veteran Airline Baggage handlers blush. And it delivers the goods (literally) with features such as a zip out bottom that will hold over six rods, a main storage compartment that you could live in and two smaller compartments for your wife and mother-in-law as well. But as we all know, all the size in the world means nothing without finesse and agility, so we added a pair of over sized urethane wheels and a couple of gnarly skid plates to protect the bottom. So bring it on


  • Separate rod tube compartment on the bottom
  • Cavernous main compartment
  • Handy end and side pockets
  • Hefty rolling hardware
  • Overbuilt zippers, webbing, and handles
  • Weighs in at 12lbs

   Our Price: £195 Inc P&P.


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