Napier Gun Cleaning Kits

Deluxe Shotgun Cleaning Kits

Made from tough Natex material in forest green with leather trim, this kit is the ultimate in gun care. It will match and complement the Napier Protector range of gun slips and bags and is the ideal way to store your cleaning tools. Each kit comprises the Napier aluminium 3pc Rod, Brass Jag, Payne Galway Brush, 70ml Gun Oil Dispenser, 36" 3 Pc Rod, 5 Field Patches and Superclean Patches, in fact everything you will ever need to keep your shotgun in perfect condition. Each item is secu
rely held in place and makes an ideal travelling companion for your gun.
In 20G and 12G sizes.

Our Price: 45

Napier Wooden Boxed Shotgun Cleaning Kits

Wooden Boxed Cleaning Kit

This new kit includes Brass jag, Wool mop, Cleaning brush, 10 field patches, 70ml VP90 gun oil, 100ml gun cleaner aerosol, Superclean, Gun grease, 3 Pc Aluminium Rod, Polishing cloth.

All packed in a slide top, wooden presentation box, which has ample room for any other cleaning materials.

Great Value for money. 

Availible in 12G, and 20G. 

Our Price 56



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